External Resources

The following links contain digital teaching resources created by external providers and the content has been recommended by the Sangam Education Board. If you have any concerns, please let us know by submitting feedback using the contact us button

1. Storyline Online

Level: Primary.

Content: videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside cartoon illustrations. This resource can be used to build listening skills.

2. Starfall

Level: Kindergarten and Primary.

Content: online activities to teach children to read.

3. Read Write Think- Student interactives

Level: Primary 

Content: Range of online literacy resources for teachers and students.

4. CK-12: Economics

Level: High School 

Content: Covers summarized notes, videos and review questions.

5. CK-12: Physics

Level: High School

Content: Covers core physics concepts with real world examples, videos and study guides.

6. CK-12: Chemistry

Level: High School

Content: Covers core chemistry concepts with real world examples and videos.