TISI Sangam (Fiji)

Then India Sanmarga Ikya (TISI) Sangam (commonly referred to as Sangam) is a nonprofit social and cultural organization formed in Nadi (Fiji) in 1926.

Sadhu Kuppuswamy, who played an influential role in marshaling ideas and people of South Indian origin towards the formation of Sangam, is recognized as the founder of TISI Sangam. Apart from Sadhu Kuppuswamy, others who played key roles in the formation of Sangam include M.N. Naidu, Arunachalam Pillai, K.S. Raman, T. A. J. Pillai, T. R. Krishnaswami Naicker, Madhavan Nair, Ratnam Pillai, John Babu, M.V. K. Pillai and V. D. Gopal Mudaliar.

‘TISI Sangam’ as a whole encompasses the mission of the organization. The word Sangam is the Tamil form of the Sanskrit expression Sangha. Sangha is any form of association or a group of people who are committed to one purpose. Then India represents South India, the origin of founders of Sangam. Sanmarga signifies passion to help your community and others while Ikya means unity.

Our mission and vision are focused towards helping our communities address social and cultural challenges to build a better future for our members and all the people of Fiji. In addition to serving the cultural and religious needs of our members, our core goal is centered around expanding the provision of education to the children of Fiji.